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Eco-friendly paste for reducing noise on rail vehicles occurring in the wheel/rail contact


TRAM-SILENCE is a high-viscosity, grey-black paste based on a native carrier medium. The active component included is a special solid lubricant combination.

Performance Features

  • Temperature range: -20 / +80 °C
  • Reduces screeching of rail vehicles
  • Protects against wear and corrosion
  • Prevents corrugation
  • Excellent adhesion, even on wet surfaces
  • Extremely economical

Field of application

TRAM-SILENCE is mainly applied thinly and selectively onto the rail surface in tight curves. This minimises the noise formation between wheel and rail caused by longitudinal or lateral slip, thus drastically reducing or eliminating the dreaded 'curve screeching'.

Method of application

TRAM-SILENCE is preferably applied manually and extremely economically. In most cases the occasional application to the inside-curve rail surface is sufficient.


The advantage of TRAM-SILENCE when compared with traditional rail lubricants, which sometimes are also recommended for such applications, lies in the fact that TRAM-SILENCE has considerably less effect on the coefficients of friction between wheel and rail. This greatly increases the safety factor with regard to unintentional overdosing.

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