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High-temperature paste, resistant to chemicals, with white solid lubricants


GLEITMO 593 is an outstanding special paste based on synthetic oil and white solid lubricants. It is resistant to many aggressive chemicals and offers an excellent compatibility with various elastomer and plastic types.

Performance Features

  • Temperature range: -25 / +250 °C, short term up to +280 °C
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Good compatibility with various elastomer and plastic materials
  • Resistant to many different aggressive chemicals
  • oxidation-resistant
  • Extreme compressive strength
  • Field of application

    The use of GLEITMO 593 is recommended for lubrication points exposed to high temperatures, in presence of aggressive media, for permanent lubrication of e.g. low-speed conveyor chains with roller bearings in textile machinery, roller bearings of rotary conveyors, drying systems, enamelling ovens, cleaning and wash-ing plants, kiln cars, calanders, and low-speed bearings with similar requirements. Further applications are rubber and plastic seals, optical, photographic and electrotechnical equipment (precision technology) and electric contacts (also with gold plating).

    Method of application

    Bearings and sliding surfaces should be carefully cleaned with special solvents. Please consider our Technical Information for PFPE pastes!


    For use in oxygen applications, the lubricant is available under the name GLEITMO 593 (OX). Test certificate on request.

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