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Super High Performance Multifunctional Oil (UTTO/MFO) for use in transmission and hydraulic systems with integrated wet brakes, clutches and differentials for agricultural and construction machinery.

Product specification

Specification API GL-4, SAE J300: 10W-30
Approvals ZF TE-ML 03E, 05F, 17E, 21F (ZF001623)
Fuchs Recommendation AGCO Powerfluid 821 XL, AGCO Q-186 (Whitefarm), ALLISON C-4, CASE MS 1230, 1210, 1209, 1207, 1206, CLAAS / LANDINI / SAME-Transmission, CNH MAT 3505, 3506, 3509, 3525, 3526, 3540, FNHA-2-C-200.00 / -201.00, FORD M2C48-C3, ESN M2C86-B/C, M2C134-D, JOHN DEERE JDM J20C, KUBOTA UDT FLUID, MASSEY FERGUSON CMS M 1145, 1143, 1141, 1135, NH 410B, SAE J306: 75W-80, SDFG OT 1891 A, VALTRA G2-08, G2-B10, ZF TE-ML 06K
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