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Premium Performance Coolant Additive based on monoethylene glycol. Free from nitrite, amine, phosphate and silicates. Product dyeing: orange

MAINTAIN FRICOFIN LL is a long term anti-frost coolant concentrate based on mono ethylene glycol for heavy duty application as well as passenger cars and stationary combustion engines. MAINTAIN FRICOFIN LL is free of nitrites, amines, silicates and phosphates and is formulated using the highly efficient OAT (Organic Acid Technology).

MAINTAIN FRICOFIN LL reliably helps protect highly loaded engines in passenger and commercial vehicles against frost, overheating, corrosion and cavitation. This high efficient protection extends to all metals in the cooling system, especially aluminium.


note: Also available in a PREMIX.

Product specification

Specification ASTM D 3306 TYPE I, BS 6580:2010, SAE J814, FORD WSS-M97-B44-D, JAGUAR LAND ROVER STJLR.651.5003, FVV Heft R443, KSM 2142, UNE 26-361-88/1
Approvals Bez.Reg.Arnsbg. E62.12.22.64-2011-1, CAT / MWM TR 0199-99-2091, DAF 74002, DEUTZ DQC CB-14, MAN 324 TYPE SNF, MB-APPROVAL 325.3
Fuchs Recommendation AFNOR NFR 15-601 TYPE I, ASTM D 4985, SAE J1034, ADE (ATLANTIS DIESEL ENGINES), BAIC GROUP FOTON Q-FPT 2313005-2013, CATERPILLAR MAK A4.05.09.01, CHRYSLER MS 12106, CNH MAT 3624, CUMMINS (ISBe engines at DAF and Leyland), CUMMINS CES 14603, CES 14439, DETROIT DIESEL 93K217, FIAT 9.55523, GM GMW 3420 (6277M), HYUNDAI MS 591-08, JASO M325, JIS K2234, JOHN DEERE JDM H5, KOMATSU AF-NAC (ready mix) (07.892 (2009)), LIEBHERR MD 1-36-130, MACK 014 GS 17009, MAZDA MEZ MN 121 D, PSA B 71 5110, RENAULT 41-01-001/- -S Type D, SAAB B 040 1065, SKODA 61-0-0257, TOYOTA TSK 2601G-8A, VAUXHALL GME L1301, VW TL 774-D/F (G12+ / different colour), VOLVO 128 6083/002 (=VOLVO TRUCKS, VOLVO CE, from MY 2005, VOLVO PENTA from MY 05/2010)
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