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Ultra High Performance Multifunctional Oil for gears, axles and hydraulic systems with improved wear protection and wide range of application temperatures.

TITAN UTTO PRO both is Ultra High-performance multifunctional oil based on specially selected additives and high quality base oils combining improved wear protection and excellent viscosity / temperature characteristics.

TITAN UTTO PRO is highly thermally durable, offers extreme oxidation stability and also reliable performance at very low temperatures.

Product specification

Specification API GL-4, SAE J 306: 75W-80
Approvals VOLVO WB 101
Fuchs Recommendation ALLISON C-4, CASE MS 1207/1209/1210, FORD M2C86-C, FORD M2C134-D, JOHN DEERE JDM J20C, JOHN DEERE JDM J20D, KOMATSU AXO 80 (KES 07.866), KUBOTA UDT FLUID, MASSEY FERGUSON CMS M 1143, 1135, VOLVO WB 102, ZF TE-ML 03E, 03F, 05F, 06K
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