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Premium, fuel-efficient ATF oil with reduced viscosity. Especially for Mercedes-Benz 9-speed automatic transmissions. (Type 9-G Tronic) Development of TITAN ATF 9134 FE by Fuchs (Type 9-G Tronic)

Based on XTL technology, well known in the engine oil series. In gear oils, XTL also offers well-known advantages such as maximum performance under extreme temperature conditions and significant fuel savings. Potential fuel consumption and very good cold start properties are repeatedly improved by the low viscosity of the product. The TITAN ATF 9134 FE has excellent friction stability for longer oil change intervals.


The TITAN ATF 9134 FE specializes in Mercedes- G Tronic automatic gearboxes, which is a Mercedes-Benz approved product for applications based on MB 236.17 acceptance.

TITAN ATF 9134 FE can be mixed with other ATF fluids that comply with MB 236.17 but not compatible with earlier MB ATF specifications.


  • Excellent Fuel Savings
  • Increased crude clarity
  • Low oil consumption
  • Optimized friction stability beyond the extended oil change interval.
  • Significantly increased cold start properties and lower overflow time
  • Excellent protection against wear, even at high loads.

Product specification

Approvals MB-APPROVAL 236.17
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