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High-performance slideway oils for machine tools, with excellent demulsification properties

The quality of machined components depends heavily on accurate feed and positioning provided by machine tool slideways with slideway oils playing an important role. Slideway oils must provide a stable, adhesive lubricating film in the presence of metalworking fluids even in micro-feed situations and when pressures are high. Good lubrication eliminates chattering caused by stick-slip. Carefully selected base oils and specialized additives guarantee almost friction-free movement at the lubrication points. Special attention during development was also paid to compatibility with the water-miscible cutting fluids used in machine tools. Anti-corrosion agents and aging (oxidation) inhibitors are effective at relatively low temperatures (working temperature = room temperature). EP and anti-wear additives guarantee long machine life and exceptionally good operational reliability. The selected additive combinations create layers which have low internal friction. Furthermore, polar surface-active substances form a stable, adhesive lubricating film. This reduces friction when movement starts, lowers the initial current consumption and optimizes the efficiency of the machine tool.

Product specification

Viscosity Grades ISO VG 68, ISO VG 150, ISO VG 220
Approval / Recommendation Bosch Rexroth, STILL


  • Stable lubricating film
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Avoidance of stick-slip
  • Good EP properties and excellent protection against wear
  • Excellent corrosion protection(steel and nonferrous metals)
  • Good demulsification, optimum compatibility with water-miscible cutting fluids
  • Excellent compatibility with plastic materials (slideway materials)
  • No discoloration of the slideway material


RENEP CGLP 32 and RENEP CGLP 68 can also be used as hydraulic oil according to DIN 51524-2 & ISO 6743-4. The RENEP CGLP series of oils contain surface-active substances which reduce the coefficient of friction. Stick-slip at low speed and at high loads is effectively avoided. RENEP CGLP oils contain chemically-active agents which start working at room temperatures. These additive systems perform at high loads and even when the slideway is almost dry, thus protecting slideways from wear and seizures.

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