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RENOSAFE Fire­Pro­tect 46 / 68

FM Approvals (Factory Mutual) Approved Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid


RENOSAFE FireProtect products are fire resistant hydraulic fluids based on special synthetic esters. The properties of the fluids are improved by the addition of special selected zinc and ash-free additive systems. These zinc and ash-free additive systems are based on new additive technology which guarantees excellent copper compatibility, yellow metal compatibility, excellent hydrolytic stability and highest oxidation stability. They contain very effective robust and stable wear protection additives together with extreme pressure components.

The RENOSAFE FireProtect products have a natural high shear stable viscosity index (multigrade characteristic). This high viscosity index is based on the physical property of the base fluid.

The anti-wear (AW) and the extreme pressure (EP) additives protect the hydraulic pumps and components against wear and against scuffing. The combination of selected additives in the fluid shows excellent low foaming and excellent air release properties. Entrained water can be separated easily. The products of the RENOSAFE FireProtect series are non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable (> 60% according to OECD 301 B).

The RENOSAFE FireProtect series surpass all requirements according to ISO 12922 - dated 2011, group HFDU.


The RENOSAFE FireProtect products can be recommended as fire resistant hydraulic fluids - based on organic esters - type HFDU - for all hydraulic units, machines or plants operating in hazard conditions where open flames or high temperatures are present and a risk of fire caused by a fluid leakage is high.

The products are in general miscible and compatible with conventional hydraulic fluids based on mineral oils.


  • FM Approvals (Factory Mutual) Approved Industrial Fluid
  • Excellent yellow metal compatibility, excellent corrosion protection
  • Long service life
  • Excellent resistance to ageing and oxidation
  • Non-toxic, physiologically harmless, free of heavy metals
  • High shear stable viscosity index - multigrade characteristics
  • Rapid air release, low foaming behaviour
  • Excellent wear protection properties, high scuffing load characteristics
  • Rapid biodegradability (> 60% according to OECD 301 B)


  • FM Approvals (Factory Mutual) Approved Industrial Fluid - Flammability Classification of Industrial Fluids – Class Number 6930 – Approval Identification: 0003051209
  • RENOSAFE FireProtect HFDU fluid according to DIN 51502, based on synthetic, organic esters.
  • Fulfills HLP requirements (with the exception of the TOST properties)
  • HEE46 ISO 15380 hydraulic fluid based on synthetic ester
  • HFDU according to ISO 12922 
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