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Synthetic, eco-friendly lubricant for pneumatic tools


KOMPRANOL GRÜN is a mixture of fully synthetic oils with additives for protection against corrosion and wear.

Performance Features

  • Temperature range: -60 / +90 °C
  • Good lubricating properties in the temperature range specified
  • Picks up condensate up to 5 times of its own weight without loss of lubricating quality
  • Protects from icing to -60 °C
  • Pressure-resistant
  • Eco-friendly

Field of application

KOMPRANOL GRÜN is used for lubricating all kinds of compressed air tools such as pneumatic hammers and chisels, displacement mole drives, and pneumatic tools in all branches of industry, especially in the construction industry. KOMPRANOL GRÜN is particularly used in environmentally-sensitive areas.

Method of application

KOMPRANOL GRÜN can be used in flexible or central oilers or via special lubricating devices. Do not mix KOMPRANOL GRÜN with other oils in order to maintain the lubrication efficacy.


Do not mix it with mineral oils. Not suitable for sight glasses or oil containers made of amorphous polyamide or polycarbonate!

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  • Construction
  • Machinery, equipment
  • Other industries

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